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Education and Employment

We understand the importance of preparing your child for a successful transition into adulthood, encompassing their education and employment journey. This page aims to provide you with guidance and support regarding the education and employment strand of preparation for adulthood, helping you navigate this crucial phase in your child's life.


Understanding the Education and Employment Strand

The education and employment strand focuses on equipping young people with SEND with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pursue education and employment opportunities. Its goal is to enable them to achieve their academic potential, develop life skills, and successfully transition into the world of work. By actively engaging in this strand, you can enhance your child's prospects for a fulfilling and independent future.


Transition Planning: Collaborating for Success

Transition planning is a collaborative process that involves the school, parents, local authorities, and other professionals. It plays a crucial role in preparing your child for adulthood by mapping out their journey from secondary school to further education, vocational training, or employment. Together, we create an individualised plan that considers your child's unique needs, aspirations, and long-term goals.


School-Based Support

We are committed to providing comprehensive support to pupils with SEND throughout their preparation for adulthood. Here are some ways in which we assist parents and pupils in the education and employment strand:

Accurate EHCP: Some schools develop IEPs for each pupil; this is often a duplication of the information recorded in pupils' EHCP. At Gilbert Ward Academy we work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils' EHCP are accurate and current; rather than spending time developing IEP (Individualised Educational Plan) we spend this time ensuring that we get our pupils' EHCP right.

Functional Skills Development: We offer a curriculum that focuses on developing functional skills such as literacy, numeracy, communication, and independent living skills. These skills are essential for your child's educational progress and future employment prospects.

Work Experience Placements: We facilitate work experience placements with local employers, providing your child with the opportunity to gain real-world exposure and develop employability skills. These placements are designed to match your child's interests and abilities, preparing them for the world of work.

Careers Guidance: We ensure that pupils receive independent personalised careers guidance, helping them explore career options, identify their strengths and interests, and plan for their future. Pupils are provided with information on further education opportunities, apprenticeships, and training programs.


Preparing your child for a successful transition to adulthood requires collaboration, support, and planning. By actively engaging in the education and employment strand of preparation for adulthood, we can empower your child to achieve their academic potential, develop essential life skills, and pursue meaningful employment opportunities. Together, we can lay a strong foundation for their future success, independence, and happiness.