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Independent Living

We understand the importance of preparing your child for a successful transition into adulthood, including their journey towards independent living. This page aims to provide you with guidance and support regarding the independent living strand of preparation for adulthood, helping you navigate this crucial phase in your child's life.

Understanding the Independent Living Strand

The independent living strand focuses on equipping young people with SEND with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives as adults. It aims to promote independence in areas such as daily living skills, personal care, household management, and community engagement. By fostering independent living skills, we empower your child to navigate their world with confidence and achieve their full potential.


Transition Planning: Collaborating for Success

Transition planning plays a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth journey from secondary school to adult life for your child. It is a collaborative process involving the school, parents, local authorities, and other professionals. Together, we create an individualised plan that considers your child's unique needs, strengths, and aspirations related to independent living. This plan ensures that they have the necessary supports and opportunities to develop the skills required for autonomy.


School-Based Support

We are committed to providing comprehensive support to pupils with SEND throughout their preparation for adulthood. Here are some ways in which we assist parents and pupils in the independent living strand:

Life Skills Education: We offer a curriculum that focuses on developing essential life skills necessary for independent living. This includes instruction and practice in areas such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, time management, and transportation.

Community Access: We facilitate opportunities for your child to access their community and engage in activities that promote independence. This may include organised outings, supported travel training, and community-based learning experiences to develop skills required for navigating public spaces and using local resources.

Personalised Support: Our staff provides individualised support to pupils, helping them develop specific independent living skills that align with their abilities and goals. We work collaboratively with your child and your family to tailor our approach and provide the necessary guidance and encouragement.

Transition Services: We assist in accessing post-school services, such as supported living programs, housing options, and community support networks, to ensure a smooth transition into independent living for your child.


Preparing your child for independent living is a key aspect of their transition into adulthood. By actively engaging in the independent living strand of preparation for adulthood, we can empower your child to develop the necessary skills and confidence to lead self-sufficient lives. Together, we can foster their independence, enhance their quality of life, and ensure their successful integration into Northumberland's community.