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Personal Development

Behaviour Support

At Gilbert Ward Academy we believe that pro-social behaviour is the essential foundation to build a safe, creative and effective teaching and learning environment which enables all pupils to thrive. We recognise the need to teach values such as respect and tolerance, fairness and inclusion as well as knowledge and skills. We have high expectations for our pupils and have developed a range of practices to support them. We believe in equality of opportunity for all pupils and promote community cohesion, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

At Gilbert Ward Academy it is of paramount importance that pupils are safe and feel safe in our school, and the Behaviour Policy is one of a suite of policies at Gilbert Ward Academy relating to keeping pupils safe.

Gilbert Ward Academy aims to provide pupils with a high quality of education in a nurturing, caring, supportive and ordered environment which will help to prepare and encourage all pupils to fully participate in their home, school and community.

Good behaviour support is seen as an important part of the curriculum. It is essential for effective teaching and learning and is needed to encourage good engagement and behaviour from pupils. It is also needed to maintain a safe, calm and orderly environment and a positive atmosphere the school.

We aim:

  • To create a safe and secure environment for pupils and staff in which the rights of all are acknowledged and respected
  • To create a positive learning environment in which the attitudes and actions of the pupils are reflected in the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • To provide a well organised, planned and sequenced curriculum with a range of opportunities to promote good behaviour and attitudes from pupils
  • To foster mutual respect and to support pupils to develop confidence, pride, selfesteem and self-efficacy
  • To achieve a positive philosophy of behaviour and to ensure a consistent whole school approach to behaviour support
  • To work together with parents/carers and multi-agency professionals to ensure best practice in relation to behaviour support
  • To ensure that effective systems and processes are in place to support behaviour